Analyzing Market Potential and Project Feasibility

Emery conducts extensive engineering analyses for smarter business decisions. We evaluate both project feasibility and partnerships using in depth decision making tools. This lets us get on the same page with our partners regarding risk and profit potential for pilot projects as well as joint ventures. 

Mass Customization

Emery employs Mass Customization, a build-to-order process for delivering goods and services that are modified to satisfy each customers’ specific needs. The process incorporates both marketing and manufacturing consideration to personalize custom-made products that have low unit costs. Our economic analyses allow us to explore product customization options that are possible with Digital Fiber Forming, all while keeping costs close to that of mass-produced, less-flexible production solutions. 


Emery can serve as much more than a vendor or partner! If our economic analyses demonstrate that our needs are aligned, we can help identify funding organizations and platforms, or fund projects ourselves. We also offer long-term equipment leasing to minimize impact to equipment budgets.

Joint Ventures

With the tremendous scale and customized production of our Digital Fiber Forming technology, Emery is opening new markets for packaging production. We’re open to entering into Joint Ventures with the right partners, in which we share both risk and reward. In our experience, a well defined JV program brings extra energy from both partners for achieving critical goals. 


Economic Validation

Schedule an economic analysis today to analyze all aspects of your project