Rotary Pulp Molding

Rotary Pulp Molding

Emery owns a proven design of rotary machinery to produce massively and reliably packaging products.  The continuous improvement of mechatronics of the rotary pulp molding line makes it most efficient and robust.


Massive Scale

The Emery rotary pulp molding line is deployed worldwide. It has superior production capacity with low capital outlay, maintenance cost, and minimal downtime.

In a competitive market, such as egg cartons, Emery rotary pulp molding line can return high net revenue because of the low per unit production costs.

World Largest

Emery manufactures the largest pulp molding lines for egg packaging to meet scale and return of investment requirements.


Class-leading mold design

The Emery rotary pulp molding line is also capable of producing both larger and smaller products such as fruit trays, planting pots, four-cup carry outs, and many more. If different products are required simultaneously (planting pots of different sizes for example) and have approximately the same wall thickness, several different shapes and sizes of products can run simultaneously on the same platen.

The Emery rotary lines are designed to conserve water and energy. The closed loop system means that there is no liquid effluent.

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