Digital Fiber Forming

Digital Fiber Forming

Emery applies robotics technology and smart process control to achieve high throughput and quality.  We achieve effective automation through strict quality assurance of fiber feedstock and in process inspection of end products through computerized vision. 

Digital Fiber Forming Process

Applying Industry 4.0

Online sensors monitor processes and generate digital information to control the manufacturing lines.

Leveraging “Internet of Things”, equipment and humans can communicate and cooperate to operate the factories at full capacity.

Unit operation of the Digital Fiber Forming line communicates seamlessly through standard protocols from pulping to end products. Processing line operation is integrated with management decisions. 

Robotic Systems

Emery utilizes robots which operate at high reliability in a wet environment, ensuring no breakdown during operation.


Our Digital Fiber Forming line is organized into multiple robotic cells to enable continuous operation, high availability and high throughput.


Each digital fiber forming line cell can be configured to any scale by combining robotic cells to meet customer demands.

Industry 4.0

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